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An outfit in which you are comfortable, avoid skirts and short shorts. Capri pants, long shorts or trousers will be perfect. For shoes, they must hold well to the feet (flip-flops prohibited). Well tied hair.

It takes 3 hours for the tree climbing course

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météo de Pont du Casse

We advise you to come no later than 3h30 before the closing of the park for tree climbing and 1h30 for other activities. Do you want to make a laser or an escape game? it is safer to book. The courses close 45 minutes before closing.

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Yes only for the tree climbing part. It is €2.50. If you buy an entry for the animal park, you will not pay this entry fee

L’âge est une chose, la motricité en est une autre. Nous vous demandons d’écouter vos enfants. Certains sont grands et peu téméraires et d’autres sont petits et très à l’aise. Les parcours sont adaptés aux âges mais il est possible d’y déroger. Un enfant de moins de trois ans est demandeur, alors pourquoi pas ? Un enfant entre 7 et 8 ans veut accéder aux parcours bleus (à partir de 8 ans) ? s’il est accompagné et demandeur, nous ne nous n’y opposons pas. Il faut juste qu’il change de billet d’entrée et de baudrier. Ce changement est possible pendant l’activité, seul la différence de prix est demandé.

Age is one thing, motor skills are another. We ask you to listen to your children. Some are big and not very bold and others are small and very comfortable. The courses are adapted to the ages but it is possible to derogate from it. A child under three is applying, so why not? A child between 7 and 8 years old wants to access the blue courses (from 8 years old)? if it is accompanied and applicant, we do not oppose it. He just needs to change his entry ticket and his harness. This change is possible during the activity, only the price difference is requested.

Because of pony rides, even on a leash, dogs are not allowed.

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