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Spiderman COURSE
The Spiderman course guarantees you new sensations! Ideal for understanding the games since it is at a suitable height for beginners.
Come and jump into a giant spider’s web or go skateboarding in the trees!
buzet COURSE

This course is a family course made up of 11 games centered around the region’s product: wine.

You’ll face moving barrels and other thrilling challenges that will give you chills!

Thanks to our partner Buzet for allowing us to set up this course.

kayak COURSE

This course has 11 games.

It will surprise you with its diversity and will lead you to kayak in the trees!!

raft course

This family course will delight everyone! It consists of 17 funnier games than each other!

Come take yourself for Robinson by climbing aboard a raft or sliding down a toboggan!

He is waiting for you to make you spend an unforgettable moment!

test course

The test course is the first course you will do so that we can assess your level and advise you on the courses to follow.

marmot course

A course that will give you thrills!

You will have to improvise as a trapeze artist or go through barrels!