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Corn mazes to do with family or friends.
Open from June to October every day at the same times as the animal park.
Various fun questions with educational panels during your journey. You will be able to answer on our new application (to download for free on site) or on paper of your choice.

Forest in the immediate vicinity with terrace for eating and drinking. To do with family or friends.

Entrance at the single price of €8 during the day regardless of age. Reduced animal park/corn maze pass for sale (see prices)

Provide cap or hat the time of the labyrinth and in case of strong heat, the contribution of a Fogger is a plus.
If you forget, cap and Mist Maker are on sale at the park shop.
parcours estavia or ferralda

2 courses open alternately to avoid mud after watering.

Questions of relaxation to better know our region and wooden games mark out these labyrinths.


parcOURS barbapapa or ouistiti

Course from 3 years old, very easy.

Located in a field of Sorghum (between 80cm and 1.20m high), courses reserved for the little ones, with questions adapted to their ages.

Children must be accompanied and can locate themselves at any time since adults have visibility and can orient themselves.