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red course :

pierre course

Course of medium difficulty, from 13 years old.

It consists of 17 games. Venture on this course which will fill you with emotions at height!

Pass a Malaysian ladder and zip lines that are more surprising than fun.

And many more games..!

zipline course

Course from 13 years old, you must weigh between 50kg and 100kg and measure 1.60m minimum.

This course is sold separately and costs €2.50 in addition to the entrance, it benefits from special safety instructions and is not accessible to everyone.

23 successive zip lines including one of 320m, you will take yourself for a bird!!!

Chills, emotions and sensations guaranteed!!

Cannot be sold alone.

black course :

Accro vélo
erika course

Course from 13 years old and over 1m60.

These courses challenge the sportiest and most adventurous of you!

They start at the same place, but in the middle of this course, you will have the choice to continue on the thrill course or the physical course!

Arm workshops, zip lines, sea surfing… and much more!

Do you dare to start?